What Does a Boot Scan Do?

What Does a Boot Scan Do?


When a cyber threat makes its way into your computer, it could hide in a variety of ways. While several antivirus software can detect malware using regular scans and real-time protection and boot-time scans, a boot-time scan provides a more rigorous sweep against stealthy threats.

A boot scan is a quick review of your computer prior to Windows begins. This allows the software to spot malware that is not visible and remove it without affecting your normal workflow. Avast’s boot scanner feature offers many options to deal any threats that are detected during the scan, including mending the files immediately or moving them to a Disease Chest or quarantine, and then deleting them.

The process of performing a boot scan can take a bit of time. To speed things up it’s a good idea to disable any non-essential startup software and disconnect external hard drives or USB devices. This will minimize the possibility of conflict and allow the scan to focus solely on the internal storage. It’s also an excellent idea to set aside certain periods of time when you won’t be using the computer for any other purpose, so that the boot scan will be able to run without interruption.

To enable a boot-time scanner you must select Settings (the gear icon) in the Avast interface. Select Protection > Scan settings, and select the option for a Boot-Time Scan. Set the options to your preferences, then click OK. The Avast boot-time scan is an effective tool that will aid you in keeping your computer safe from threats and enjoy an easier and more enjoyable computing experience.