The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

If you work remotely or in a hybrid work arrangement it’s likely that your team makes use of video calls and online collaboration tools like Slack. These 2D tools are not always the best tools for encouraging collaboration and connection between team members.

This is why virtual spaces for collaboration are so crucial. The best virtual spaces resemble the physical space of an office by providing meeting rooms, workstations and common areas that allow teams to quickly connect with one another. Then, with simple nudges and live chats while they move around the space, teammates can engage in organic communication and random encounters that are similar to those that naturally happen in an office environment in real life.

Kumospace is an example of virtual workspace that can help reduce the need for meetings, by giving people the feeling that they’re «working bullguard antivirus review alongside someone else». When you need to meet, it offers a range of collaborative virtual rooms that can be used for various purposes including 1:1 catch-ups and sprint planning to sales demos and project presentations.

Switchboard is a different virtual collaboration tool that takes the feeling of working in a workplace to an entirely new level. Its virtual rooms that are collaborative and canvas allows teams to be productive quickly, working using browser-based applications and documents. When the session is finished, the entire work is saved so that everyone can continue where they began.

Other virtual spaces, like Teemyco and Gather, help build a culture of cooperation by making it easier for people to see what their colleagues are up to in the virtual office. It’s easy to see the status of someone working on a large project, giving a sales demonstration or taking a break.